Our DAO uses crypto mechanisms to support real longevity orgs and research. Our flagship product this quarter is the Cryonauts NFT by TomorrowBio, which includes one FREE cryopreservation.


Real Research

The funds LongevityDAO helps raise are put into real real research and developments.


Our foundation will support a large number of startups and organizations, achieving both diversification and targeting areas traditionally underfunded by the NIH.

Upward Spiral

When the startup our foundation supports returns funding, we roll it forward to new startups.

Index and Expert

In the future, our foundation can both a) index invest, alongside leading VCs and funds in the space, and b) appoint experts in longevity to help us allocate funds.

We provide support for longevity companies
About Us

We are a DAO that supports longevity startups

We are a DAO that supports a foundation that invests real funds into real startups in the longevity space. Supporters of our foundation receive LIFE tokens as a thank-you for giving funds. The foundation then makes standard investments in longevity research startups. To ensure the quality of foundation investment, we index invest, which means we don't lead rounds and only invest up to 20% of a round, which is often lead by a brand-name VC. To ensure diversity, we invest in a large set of startups.

Our starting team consists of multiple full-time members. Our backgrounds range from the top names in Wall Street and Silicon Valley, to the top universities in the world, to winners of the top Olympiads and research competitions. More than top brands though, we have proven experience. We have cofounded multiple past successful startups, including a defi project with strong organic user purchases.

Our Rough Timeline


Outreach to Public

We will build a community of longevity supporters and enthusiasts who are interested in helping bring about a 1000-year lifespan for all humans.

In this period, we will help other longevity orgs with their own crypto raises.


Outreach to Scientists

In parallel, we will find scientists and companies working in medicine and longevity that with promising innovations that would be a good candidate for the foundation LongevityDAO supports to invest in.

Governance Structure

We will setup a governance structure where the community can vote on matters related to LongevityDAO.


Launch the Foundation

We then will launch the foundation that LongevityDAO supports as voted-in by the community.


Foundation Investments Begin

The first companies are funded by the foundation.

Enabling real-world medical research.

The LongevityDAO system gives real funding to real startups making discoveries in the real world. Supporting LongevityDAO supports real public good progress.

Reaching a 1000-year lifespan for humanity.

LongevityDAO's current flagship project this month is Cryonauts: NFTs that come with ONE free body freezing!

Mint your Cryonaut below to support Tomorrow Biostasis and get a chance of winning an awesome perk worth around €200.000


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